You Are Enough!

You are enough (and always have been)

The answer to long-lasting, soul-fulfilling contentment.

(Credits to Cynthia Marikinos)

How often do you feel there must be so many other, more qualified, more experienced, more talented people than you?

‘My main problem is over-saturation in the blogosphere. I read blog after blog with gorgeously designed websites and interesting, funny content then I can’t get my shit together to begin a blog post.’

Do you notice how easily we constantly compare ourselves to others, and how quickly we get addicted to telling ourselves we’re not talented enough?

Annoyingly, your inner screeching parrot never lets up and you keep wondering:

How do I stop comparing myself to all the beautiful blogs and just focus on mine?

How do I stop telling myself I’m not talented enough to write a blog? And why am I even writing this blog?

It’s a lonely, horribly depressing feeling. You can’t help believing your thoughts.

Even though you have a burning passion for helping people. Even though your friends, family, and colleagues keep spurring you on, telling you how much you’ve inspired them, and helped them.

You’ve had several readers share with you how spot on your post was. To them, it felt as if you were reading their minds. Friends and family want to know more about how your new product or service will help them or people they know.

You’ve inspired them to do more of what they really want. Given them a solution to a problem they can’t seem to find an answer to.

You’ve had wins. You love what you’re doing. You’re obviously talented.

How does it feel?

Now imagine your best mate has told you these negative thoughts. She’s feeling really down about herself. Dejected. Hopeless. Her self-esteem has taken a hit.

What would you say to her?

Perhaps you’d tell her everyone’s first drafts are shitty. And woohoo, you’ve actually written a first draft. Let’s grab a glass of wine to celebrate!

Perhaps you’d empathize about her writer’s block. Yeah, it really sucks, you’d say.

But you think of ways she can get past it:

Leave the writing when you’re stuck and take a break.

Get some air.

Call you for a chat.

Write about your writer’s block.

You rack your brain for as many solutions as you can to get her over this hurdle eating away at her.

Now think of yourself as that best mate.

Encourage her.

Support her.

Give her ideas.

Love her no matter what.

Isn’t that what you’d do?

You wouldn’t let her simmer in a pool of shitty thoughts about herself. You’d pull her out of it with a burst of positivity, no matter how cliched or over the top it sounds. She needs it right now. She’s worth it.

And so are you.

You are enough (and always have been)

In yoga, we use an ancient Sanskrit greeting that roughly translates to ‘I bow down to the divine in you’ or ‘The Spirit in me salutes the Spirit in you’


We bring our palms together close to our hearts and bow our heads.

This term resonates strongly with me as a meaningful way of acknowledging ourselves — and each other — in the most authentic, deepest way possible. An acknowledgment of souls, the essence of our beings.

Beyond the superficial.

Beyond your looks and your clothes.

Beyond your doubts, your ego, and your feelings.

You were born enough (and always have been).

You are precious.

You are a gift.

When we connect with the divine inside us, we realize we are enough. We always have been.

I bow to the divine in you. Bow to the divine in yourself.

You are enough. You always have been.

If you want to get anywhere in life, you can’t wait for other people to constantly feed you scraps of attention the way a seagull eyes off your leftover chips.

You can’t just put your feet up smugly and expect your self-worth to thrive.

Your self-worth needs to be fed with nourishing, energy-giving food. It needs you to stop peering anxiously at the clock. Obsessing about the person next to you. It needs gentle and kind words. Every day.

Your self-worth isn’t deceived when you get 10,000 blog followers, publish 10 books, or land that promotion. It’s about forging a bulletproof armor. Creating a mantra to stick by your bedside, on your computer, everywhere you look:

I am enough (and always have been)

It’s about fighting sword against sword with the negative thoughts that creep in stealthily, hoping to take you by surprise and cut you down while you’re writing your first draft. Starting your first business. Negotiating your salary.

That means writing an over-the-top love letter to yourself without any inhibition or silliness, not because you are egotistical, but because you know deep down inside you are a star, an incredible person, a divine being that was made to be loved. That you have always been enough.

Your self-worth is more than just buying yourself a new collection of shoes. Watches. Or clothes. It’s more than clinking champagne to celebrate your latest success.

Your self-worth is a seedling and you are the sunshine that makes it bloom.

So go on, shine!

What will you do today to show yourself some love? Leave a comment. You may inspire another reader to love themselves more.

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