Why it’s okay to get help!

Be strong, speak up and stop suffering in silence When you come from a South Asian background, the way you see things and the way your family see things can be very different. The older generation have been brought up in a mentality in which asking for help means you are weak or it’s a […]

You Are Enough!

You are enough (and always have been) The answer to long-lasting, soul-fulfilling contentment. (Credits to Cynthia Marikinos) How often do you feel there must be so many other, more qualified, more experienced, more talented people than you? ‘My main problem is over-saturation in the blogosphere. I read blog after blog with gorgeously designed websites and […]

The Truth About Depression

“Cheer up you have nothing to be depressed about, some people have It worse than you” A sentence I am used to hearing time and time again. People view depression like you are just really sad about something, so they automatically say things like “It will get better don’t worry” or “you’ll be fine”. Now I […]