Champagne & Dhokla


I was famished like those kids in the TV charity ads (not funny? ok well let’s say my belly was screaming at me) at lunch time on a Saturday and I finished work around 2pm so I’m around the Charing Cross area and my Beau takes me to a bar because champagne and cocktails is exactly what I need on an empty stomach!

Eleanor’s Cocktail Bar Charring Cross Hotel

You walk in and a sea of red hits you, it is cosy or in other terms its quite small but I guess that’s what gives it the personality of a classy yet savvy cocktail bar. It has a very chic feel to it when you sit on the smooth red leather chairs it does make you feel ever so important and like you’re in your own private oasis away from buzzing hub of the rest of the city.

4 Champagne & Lychee with a hint of raspberry cocktails for me and 4 Dry Martinis with a twist for him,

It was like a little piece of heaven  each sip but I’m not surprised for £20 per cocktail but you can’t fault it not one bit ( I will later when my bank statement arrives) but the bar man was delightful in fact every staff  member was. Definitely somewhere to go for a treat and to seclude yourselves away from the rest of the world.
This was then followed by Champagne Charlie’s round the corner

(TIP if you’re going for lunch use your taste card)


As we stumbled round the corner we came upon a hidden secret which was Champagne Charlie’s, Hidden away under the arches of Charing Cross it is charmingly intimate, the surroundings are completely different to what you would normally expect from your average central London  bar, It’s very cosy but at the same time vibrant so you almost feel at home. The décor itself features exposed brick walls, wood panelling and dark, pared back furnishings, yet Champagne Charlie’s somehow still feels light and airy despite both this and its below stairs setting. We ordered a beautiful bottle of Champagne and some delightful nibbles which set us back almost £150 but totally worth it. The staff were super-efficient and I do recommend going to the restaurant with your taste card which although slightly more formal has been raved about.

So still ¾ empty stomach later and fuelled with champagne I somehow made my way back home and to my delight my darling mother had made Dhokla so that was my perfect day of Champagne and Dhokla!

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