The Truth About Stretch Marks

I know exactly what you are all thinking! That I am about to write a super empowering blog about how stretch marks are ‘tiger stripes’ and they are a ‘reminder of what you have achieved in a positive way’, however that’s not what this is about. Not to say I don’t agree with the above statements because I do strongly believe it but the reality of the situation is that I dont believe it all the time.
When I was younger I rapidly gained a lot of weight and because of that I have a hell of a lot of stretch marks!  They are everywhere, from my arms, to my legs, to my tummy and even on my backside. When I was fat, I was so focused on my size that I never even realised how many I had or that I even had them. That was until I lost weight and started looking at my body properly because I wasn’t scared to. It was then that it hit me. I looked like a two year old had got happy with Crayola’s and drawn all over me! Like i was a route planner going across the world with every step joined up.
As I traced each line and saw how visible they were, I remember that sinking feeling in my heart. I had worked so hard, cried and fought so much, but i  was being left with marks and scars! Was it all worth it? I spent two hours sobbing and frantically googling how to get rid of stretch marks and what products help or treatments that get rid of it. At that point I was willing to spend the most ridiculous amount of money to get rid of these marks that made me feel ugly.
The more I researched the more I got confused. We are always promised these miracle products and treatments but then when you read the reviews, it’s always the same sort of answer – ‘It helps a little but doesn’t get rid of them’. From Cocoa Butter and Bio Oil to Laser treatment, nothing will permanently rid me of these stripes.
After being disheartened I thought until I figure out what I want to do I will only wear clothes that cover everything! Every little mark, so no one will know the secret of what lies underneath. Then one day I was at someones house and as I was changing their mother walked in and the first thing she said to me was “Oh you have awful stretch marks you should really do something about that”. I could feel the tears prickling through and I ran straight to the bathroom and cried. After all the tears I thought you know what, sod what everyone thinks! So I tried to wear short sleeves and other types of clothes but then I heard it again from more people! You know when people try to be ‘helpful’ and say things like “oh I know this cream that will help you with that you know” or a child asks “why do you have all those marks?” All you can do is smile, nod and say thanks when you just want to crawl under a rock and hide forever.
One day I was clearing through my old things and came across some photos of myself when I was younger and bigger and I looked at them and thought Holy Crap! Was I really that big? Why didn’t I realise that I had done so well? Breakthrough. I said to myself okay I’m never going to love my stretch marks but I will find out what will help lighten them. In the mean time I’m going to focus on buying smaller sizes and slowly wearing clothes that make me feel good.
That’s not to say I felt like OMG I feel amazing because even now I still have my moments and you know what truth is we all have insecurities. You just have to remember that the woman across from you, whom you think is perfect, I guarantee she has the same worries as you about something else.
I remember having one really bad day when I went out with friends, all my girlfriends are so beautiful that I felt like the odd fat one (you know like ‘Fat Amy’ but without the confidence). Guys would look at my friends, smile and then look at me in disgust. One day, this guy came up to us and said to my friends “does your friend have a skin disease or something? Look at all those lines!”  I couldn’t even breath at that moment. My friends bless, them went in on the guy and almost broke his nose and I just stood there, my heart hurt so much like I was physically stabbed and I couldn’t even cry. I thought I was going to faint. I took a cab home that night and I refused to speak. The next few days I didn’t eat or leave my room, I was just terrified because I thought I’m never ever going to be enough for this world. I’m never going to fit in and so I may as well hide. After a few days of hiding, my amazing friends started to come over and did their best to explain how irrational I was acting and how much they loved me and how I need to love myself because I am not seeing how far I have come. Again just to shut them up because I really didn’t want to hear it, I smiled and nodded and went along with it until they left, then it was back to square one.
Weeks went by with me feeling like this and I decided to brave it and go out one day and I met this beautiful lady with her boyfriend that night. Now if you know what I’m like, you know I talk to everyone and she was telling me how she’s had three kids, how it was her first night out and how she felt like she couldn’t go out before because of how she saw herself. When I looked at this woman I just saw a tall, beautiful woman with amazing curves and I was in awe of her. I even said that to her! When I did she got very emotional and said thank you because this was the first time she felt good about herself. So being nosey I questioned why she felt that way and she told me she had excess skin and stretch marks, which is exactly what I suffered from except hers were due to pregnancy. She even lifted her top and showed me her tummy with the marks and it just hit me like a sack of potatoes, everyone has these issues it’s not just me.
The media unfortunately gives us unrealistic expectations of how we should look and what the perfect body should look like. When in fact unless you are a walking Photoshop no one will ever be perfect. There is no such thing and the quicker we realise that the better. That woman changed my life that day because I realised that the women I look at as ‘perfection’ have imperfections too and that’s what they feel insecure about. Everyone is insecure in some way or another, be it the girl that’s lost weight, the woman that’s had a baby, the body builder who has rapidly gained muscle and so many more. We have so many things that I could list but then this post would never end. The point is we are all different and that’s what makes us special. We need to start looking in the mirror and instead of seeing the negatives look at all the positives. Look at what you love about yourself and focus on that because soon that will outweigh all the bad.
So to everyone who feels less than perfect, trust me its normal and we all feel the same way. Don’t feel discouraged or disheartened, instead focus on all the good things in your life and enjoy every single moment. Start seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you and I promise, you too will see the beauty in you.
If you can relate to this in any way then please leave a comment because the more people who know they aren’t alone when they feel like this, the more we can help.
Special Thanks to my wonderful friend Farrah Lewin for helping me with all the editing of this post, it was hard to write but knowing I have friends like you to support me makes it so much easier.

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Mostly Meera

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Lush Honey Trap & Lip Service 

Before you even start get your minds out of the gutter, Lip service is a lip oil that I ordered on amazon a few months ago and it has been a life saver! I kid you not I have gone from cracked, chapped, dried lips and within a few weeks they are now smooth pink and lush.

If you are anything like me and have a plethora of bad habits such as biting nails, chewing my lip, not drinking enough water and many others which I’m sure we will cover soon. Then it will come as no surprise that I have a habit of buying and trying products, however most of them do not work or I get lazy and bored so they sit in my drawer for many years until I finally decide to stop procrastinating (one of my many talents) and clean it out. I am sure I still have that blue mascara from the 90’s.  So when i do find a product that works and I mean really works I hold on to it like it’s my own child, no, really, I do and I even buy it in stock load so I never run out and that is what I have done with Lip Service.

Now before you all go and think this is some miracle oil, yes it is absolutely fantastic but it also means you have to look after your lips which means keep hydrated (Thank you to my
fairy Slaymother Nisha Davdra for that crucial advice) Obviously not just for your lips but your skin too and I have very dry skin especially in the winter so it is a must for me.
In conjunction to this oil I have been using the Honey Trap lip balm from lush and it really has kept my lips moisturised, and as I used to bite my lip so much it got really chapped to the extent it almost started to bleed but now after using the oil and balm I really don’t have any issues.

I think the worst problem when you have dry lips is whenever you use lipstick or anything on your lips you can see the cracks or the skin peeling and it looks so much worse, almost like you are a haggard 90 year old lady who chain smokes like Shirley Carter. If you are asian and have more pigmented lips then it makes it even worse, so if you do smoke just remember you are burning your lips so just be careful. That is not me judging you though, feel free to do as you please I’m just offering my two pence on how to make your lips look lush.

As they say the proof is in the pudding so here is a before and after

So here is the link where you can buy Honey Trap Lip Balm By Lush and Lip Service by Protege

This is just my personal review and is not sponsored by any of the above products.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I talk about Stretch Marks, Loose Skin and review some products from Nip & Fab

Also will be talking about this on a new YouTube Video so stay subscribed.

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From Fat To Fit

There was a time in my life where yes i did weigh 21 Stone and no you did not misread that i was huge, to the extent that people in college used to call me Biggie and that was one the nice names. You know those people you see on tv that have trouble walking from one end of the room to the other? Well that was me and how did I get to that size? The usual answer, I was depressed so I comfort ate and then the eating would make me sad so I would eat even more and it was the cycle that I couldn’t break out of.

That was until I left home and moved to a different city and finally took control of what was in the kitchen and what I put in my mouth. I wont bore you with a diet plan or exercise regime because i totally understand that everybody is different. What worked for me might not work for you but it was more of a lifestyle change than diet. I don’t restrict what I can and can’t eat, I just limit it so i have one or two slices of pizza instead of well lets face it, an entire pizza!

So after a year and a half of some serious hard work, months of tantrums and being a moody cow about the fact that I couldn’t eat that entire chocolate brownie. I lost 10 stones and reached my target. I mean I know I have a way to go to get the right shape and tone up my body but I know if I can shed that much fat I can do this.

Although my point of the post was to talk to you all about how I felt when i was fat, and how when i look in the mirror i still feel like that fat girl sometimes. Being fat feels like you are trapped sometimes in this shell and no matter what you do, nobody will ever see past it. All they see is a lazy eating machine that sits around and is utterly gross. You can hear the whispers in the streets or some people will outright just call you fat and ugly and laugh in your face.

The innocent children will point and giggle and say that you resemble a whale. The sales woman in the high street shops will look at you and ask if you need any assistance but give you that look that says you know we don’t have your size. So you end up ordering clothes online and get frustrated when you have to send things back 20 times because nothing fits properly. The tantrums you have because you have about 4 items that actually fit you in the closet and you have already worn them 3000 times.

Sometimes catching yourself in the mirror and feeling so hideous that you physically make yourself vomit. That my friends is the real reality of being fat and not loving yourself. Now I’m not saying everyone who has a bit extra on them feels like that, this is simply how I felt.

It was at that point after my divorce and other problems in my life resolved that I finally had time to focus on myself, to learn to love myself again and that was even before I lost the weight. I had to see myself through the eyes of people that love me, that saw the Meera that was funny, spontaneous, slightly mad, kind, generous and well Mostly Meera.

After i realised i am worth more than I ever thought, I lost the weight and became independent away from all the negativity and it was then that everything fell in to place. Now don’t get me wrong my life is far from perfect but thats exactly what I love about it. However I am so much more positive now and I love myself and my life. I feel blessed and grateful but to all those millions of people who have been through the same thing or are going through it, just remember you are not alone and it does get better I promise.



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I’m Back

Hi Guys

So a quick update, firstly i would like to say sorry for not being around for ages. I was going through some major things so my social media was kept very limited. However i am back now so you will be seeing more of me on a weekly basis which means weekly blogs and vlogs and other social media.

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Zee Bollywood Rockstars – Pritam Chakraborty

Sunday afternoon my besty calls me and says “get ready in 20 minutes we are going Wembley arena, those that know me know just how spontaneous I can be, so all I said in return was okay where shall I meet you?

We arrived at the arena with no idea what was happening, who we were seeing aside from my bestys brother who was performing the Dhol so apart from it being a Bollywood night I didn’t know anything about it no normally I am not one to go to these things but I do believe that diversification is an important lesson to learn when viewing music because all music has roots from another genre and recognizing this makes you more diversified as an individual.


For those who do not know Pritam is a renowned musician, multi-award winner and has given the Indian Cinema hundreds of unforgettable chartbusters such as King, Kismat Konnection, Cocktail, Barfi!, Race 2, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, and many others.

ZEE Bollywood Rockstars also featured Benny Dayal, Harshdeep Kaur, Aditi Singh Sharma, Nikhil George, Sreerama Chandra, Anupam Amod and Soham Chakraborty.


The show started with a warm up and the first song that was sung just set the atmosphere it was the classic ‘Humma’ from the film Bombay, at this point we are already cheering and dancing but it was just a warm up act.


It was then when Pritam came out and got the crowd going with songs from Life in a Metro, his voiced echoed through the arena and you could just feel the Goosebumps. They then proceeded with Aditi Singh Sharma who rocked the stage with songs from Dhoom and got everyone in the party mood. With the dancers from Angels Dance Acadamy who were sizzling and they wore everything from saris to hot pants. They used video projections and a fiery light show completed the celebratory atmosphere.

Harshdeep then came out and sang Damadam MastKalader and I tell you aunties uncles, Pajis, Baa’s, Nani’s and Dada’s were on their feet dancing away! With the atmosphere already buzzing then came my favorite part of the night was Benny Dayal, his voice moved me in ways you cannot imagine. He set the stage on fire along with Aditi and Harshdeep it was possibly the best musical evening I have ever had! Raw talent and the atmosphere was buzzing as you can see in the videos. It was like a Bollywood movie come to life.


After the show we were invited to the after party which was lovely, we ate so yummy food from Sukhdevs Catering, danced to Ritzy entertainment and rubbed shoulders with the above talent


It was a fabulous night and we met some wonderful people, and appropriately I would like to end by just saying……..Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Mari, Tho Sidhi Sadhi Chori Sharaabi Hogayi!!!


Playboy Makeup Launch – Playboy Club Mayfair 03/04/14

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 4 (1)

So thank you to my beautiful friend PR Guru and Journalist Sophia Mead. I was taken along to the Playboy Makeup Launch set in the ever so appropriate Playboy Club, Mayfair.

As we glided in the doors trying to look as fabulous and famous as ever, handed a glass of champagne, the first thing we laid our eyes on was a long legs and bunny ears. Yes fabulous and tiny waisted playboy bunnies handing out champagne (remind me to go back to the gym and no carbs for the rest of my life). The room was lit in a reddish backlight which almost took me back to the Mr Greys Red Room, the chandeliers hanging and the voices of all the PR team making you feel like you are royalty. photo 5The products I have to say are fantastic, for the price you pay, we were told it will be available in Superdrug for £7.99 upwards which is not bad for the brand. Now of course we tried and tested while we were there and I was rather pleasantly surprised and such a wide range of colours for their lipsticks. Normally I would associate playboy with bright bold statement colours but in addition they had some wonderful nudes and browns which were suited to my Indian skin.

photo 3The night was hosted by a slightly worse for wear Bianca Gascoigne and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace who decided underwear was not necessary and ended up flashing her bits to the media after they left and continued partying through the early hours of the morning.

We were good and stuck to 2 glasses of wine each (that didn’t last after we got to the pub for some dinner and ended up having tequila shots and cocktails but that is a story for another day)

Ah my favourite part about a launch is the goody bag, ours was filled with 3 Lipsticks, 3 nail varnishes, 2 mascaras, one bronzer, one blusher and some other bits. So far I have tried the nail varnish which was a beautiful hot pink but slightly runny so I would still stick with my OPI. However the blusher is my favourite the printed pattern gives you a unique defined blush with a slight glow, which highlighted my cheekbones and made my face look skinny (I mean who doesn’t want that right?) All in all the products are good and I rate them a 8/10.


photo 1

The night on the other hand I would give a good 10/10 the atmosphere and the people really made the launch; it wasn’t too crowded also so we managed to speak to other magazines, and the actual PR Company (Aqua PR). They made an effort with each and every person which I know is their job but I like! Especially as I am a nobody in the business.

Enjoy the pictures oh and Playboy please feel free to send me more goodies!





Well it has been a while, I have been completely AWOL yes but I had my reasons you see I was under attack by the monkeys that were released in the zoo that is my brain! No really?!

Ok well truth be told it’s been a rough time but that post is for another day today I want to talk about my Ah-mazing trip to Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech is famed for its pink-hued historic buildings and souks, but just as important to the city are its gardens. From the lush courtyards of its riads to the expansive formal gardens of its palaces and museums, these green spaces are havens from the hustle and bustle of the city.

TIP: November by the way is not the time to go if you want to swim, unless you’re an Eskimo and used to ice-cold water in the pool then you are fine. But if you are like me who has a hot water bottle in the summer than it is definitely not worth the Pneumonia.

An amazing all-inclusive deal on we paid around £300 per person including flights which yes they were Ryan Air but for a four-hour flight you can’t really go wrong. Arrived at the Hotel Eden Andalou and it was stunning as you can see.

Room was clean, the sun was shining and me and we just appreciating the warmth of this beautiful place. Headed down for dinner and an amazing choice of Buffet with over 40 different items all prepared fresh and tasted Yummy! So did I mention the best part of an all-inclusive ALCOHOL is free! So from when you wake up in the morning till you pass out at night you can drink until you ultimately kill your liver, BRILLIANT!


Needless to say we made the most of it, and that includes the 2 litres we bought from Duty Free.

marrakech-souks-1Aside from the entertainment the food and the drinking, we did a mini trek to see the waterfalls at the Ourika Valley, although the driver/tour guide did not mention the fact that we would literally be trekking up the mountain on foot!! And let’s say I never made it all the way to the top and my sparkly sandals died. It was worth it though, the culture of Morocco is one never to be forgotten the friendly nature of the people as well as the atmosphere of the dusky markets where you can find anything from argan oil to a tortoise on sale. The scene is almost biblical: a dusty track, palm trees and a cluster of humble dwellings, a scattering of sheep and a donkey. I was blown away with the magical lanterns and the charm I really felt like Princess Jasmine all that was missing was the magic carpet. (Which reminds me the rugs are magnificent)marrakech

One Particular night we went to the most wonderful restaurant I have ever been to in my life, We were taken in a taxi to this ally way which looked very dodgy so I looked at the driver and It was clear to say I was not impressed but he told me to trust him, which now looking back I am so glad I did.IMG_8818

We walked down some basement stairs and all I see is this enchanting restaurant, It was like being in a palace, as soon as we walked in the waiter took us to our table and noticed we were Indian so bless him they started playing some Indian music faintly in the background. We were given a menu and after that an enriching culinary experience awaited us, 5 courses and wine that slipped down your throat so easily and complimented each wonderful course. I can’t say much more than that because this is one experience you must have for yourself. The service the food the enchantment is why you should dine at Pepe Nero’s. (And yes I was ever so grateful I trusted him as it was one of the most wonderful dinners I have ever had)



Marrakech has been a truly magical place for me and I will cherish its warmth and hospitality for years to come. I have created many fond memories and it will always be a place close to my heart. There is something hugely romantic about disappearing through an unmarked door in the medina into a coolly elegant hotel or ornately tiled cafe. Many of the riads in Marrakech have roof terraces where you can laze together, glass of wine in hand, watching the sun set over the rooftops, while the hustle and bustle carries on in the streets below.

Champagne & Dhokla


I was famished like those kids in the TV charity ads (not funny? ok well let’s say my belly was screaming at me) at lunch time on a Saturday and I finished work around 2pm so I’m around the Charing Cross area and my Beau takes me to a bar because champagne and cocktails is exactly what I need on an empty stomach!

Eleanor’s Cocktail Bar Charring Cross Hotel

You walk in and a sea of red hits you, it is cosy or in other terms its quite small but I guess that’s what gives it the personality of a classy yet savvy cocktail bar. It has a very chic feel to it when you sit on the smooth red leather chairs it does make you feel ever so important and like you’re in your own private oasis away from buzzing hub of the rest of the city.

4 Champagne & Lychee with a hint of raspberry cocktails for me and 4 Dry Martinis with a twist for him,

It was like a little piece of heaven  each sip but I’m not surprised for £20 per cocktail but you can’t fault it not one bit ( I will later when my bank statement arrives) but the bar man was delightful in fact every staff  member was. Definitely somewhere to go for a treat and to seclude yourselves away from the rest of the world.
This was then followed by Champagne Charlie’s round the corner

(TIP if you’re going for lunch use your taste card)


As we stumbled round the corner we came upon a hidden secret which was Champagne Charlie’s, Hidden away under the arches of Charing Cross it is charmingly intimate, the surroundings are completely different to what you would normally expect from your average central London  bar, It’s very cosy but at the same time vibrant so you almost feel at home. The décor itself features exposed brick walls, wood panelling and dark, pared back furnishings, yet Champagne Charlie’s somehow still feels light and airy despite both this and its below stairs setting. We ordered a beautiful bottle of Champagne and some delightful nibbles which set us back almost £150 but totally worth it. The staff were super-efficient and I do recommend going to the restaurant with your taste card which although slightly more formal has been raved about.

So still ¾ empty stomach later and fuelled with champagne I somehow made my way back home and to my delight my darling mother had made Dhokla so that was my perfect day of Champagne and Dhokla!

On being a Princess

Yes every daughter is a princess but believe you me without the crown I take the biscuit, (double chocolate Oreo please) I am the result of a child who has never had her father say No (not ever not once)

Side note: this does not mean I act like a completely horrid screaming super sweet 16 year old who cannot be polite even if a crocodile slapped her in the face. I am actually very well behaved with my parents and if I dare disrespect them then I would be disowned faster than Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

So here are a few examples on why I am the princess in my family:

A) I was around 6 years old and woke up Christmas morning to find no presents (parents forgot) although I am still not sure how they forgot seeing as my mum loves Christmas more than Santa does and it’s my dad’s birthday on Christmas day. Anyway to the point I cried and said “why did Santa not get me anything I’ve been a good girl” to which my father responds “come one lets go” takes a teary me to toysrus and says get what you want, needless to say I bought most of the store, twas the best Christmas ever ( Im not materialistic I promise)

B) I was the kid that was dropped and picked up from school and college every day because my legs did not want to walk

C) My amazing brother and my parents did and still do everything for me to the extent I can text them at 3am for my hot water bottle and it would get done

On being a Princess

Those are just a few examples and I will be really honest I did take it for granted until about 10 years ago and a lot of things happened in my family which made me realise how lucky I am to have the family I do.

My mother is my best friend who I can talk to about anything and everything and yes that really means everything but she is also the one I can count on for comfort and care in any mood I’m in. She is the Loralai to my Rory although I think personality wise it would be the other way round. Did I mention she makes the best Dhoklas ever!

My dad well basically my hero, our father daughter dates for champagne and oysters and dim sum we share a love and passion for the same interests and if I need anything I can always rely on him. This is also where my love of champagne comes in!

My younger brother what can I say except I don’t think any sister can be as lucky as me to have a brother that puts me before him but I will say that he will always come before me in my eyes.

On being a Princess

All in all I have learned so much from these 3 pillars that they have helped me stand up and be the strong finally independent woman I am, each tool they gave me I use in everyday life and now I take care of them and will continue to give them everything they gave to me.

A bit of an emotional one but still to all you ungrateful brats out there yes it’s good to be spoiled just don’t ever take it for granted because when your thrown in to reality it will make you realise that you should appreciate these people and each moment with them.

Final note: Basically, I freak out at beddy-bye. About an hour after I fall asleep, I wake up in panic. Everything around me seems threatening, scary, out to get me. Two nights ago, I was suddenly gripped with the overwhelming feeling that there was an assassin in my house

What is Dhokla?

Dhokla or Dhokra is a vegi food item that originates in Gujarat It is made with a fermented batter of Chikpeas and can be eaten for breakfast, as a main course, as a side dish or as a snack or in my case anytime and with Champagne

It is one of those foods that you can make for any occasion and any house you visit there is always an aunty trying to fill up your plate with samosas and dhokla. Its almost like a savory cake and you have it with the most amazing green chutney made from corriander anyway if you want to try it at home here is the reciepe and feel free to send me some


1 cup bengal gram flour (Besan)

1/2 tablespoon Semolina

1/2 teaspoon Sugar

1 teaspoon Ginger and Green Chilli Paste
1/2 teaspoon Lemon Juice

1/2 teaspoon fruit salt

Salt to taste
1/4 teaspoon oil for greasing

To add on top
1 teaspoon oil

1/2 teaspoon Mustard Seeds (Rai)

1/2 teaspoon Sesame Seeds (Tal)
2 chopped Green Chilli
a pinch of asafoetida (Hing)

2 to 3 Curry Leaves

For The Garnish
1 tablespoon Chopped Corriander


Combine all the ingredients together, except the fruit salt in a bowl and mix well adding water as required (approximately ¾ cup) to make a thick batter.

Just before steaming, add the fruit salt and add 2 tsp of water over it.

When the bubbles form, mix gently.


Pour the batter immediately into a greased 125 mm. (5″) diameter steel plate and shake the steel plate clockwise to spread the batter in an even layer.


Steam for 12 to 15 minutes or till the dhoklas are cooked. Keep aside.


Heat the oil in small pan and add the mustard seeds.

When the seeds crackle, add the sesame seeds, green chillies and asafoetida, mix well and sauté on a medium flame for a second, while stirring continuously.


Remove from the flame, add 2 tbsp of water and mix well. Pour the tempering over the dhoklas.


Cool slightly and cut into equal pieces. Serve immediately garnished with coriander.

And Voila………..dont worry mine didnt turn out like the picture either 😦